Commissions and Work in Private Collections

Artemis, bronze,15 inches high
Artemis, back view
Girl and Tortoise, bronze, 17 inches high
Girl and Tortoise, back view
Galapagos Tortoise, bronze, 8 inches high
The Aviator, detail, cherry wood, life size,
Photos: Michael Lafferty

The Aviator, mahogany and polychromed poplar base, 5 feet high
Hawk and Oak, Walnut and oak wood, 5 feet high
Hawk and Oak, detail
Hawk and Oak, unfinished
Torso, Newton walnut wood, 18 inches high
Torso, back view
Torso, Rockport pear wood, marble base, 15 inches long
Bronze Tablet, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, MA , 30 inches wide
Maundy Thursday, spruce wood and candle soot, 30 inches high
Cross, pasture roses, mahogany wood, 16 inches high
Granite Tablet, 40 inches high,
Memory Walk, St. Mary’s, Rockport, MA
Five roundels for the C.L. Nazarian, Sedilia in the Presiding Bay, Trinity College Chapel, Hartford, CT, oak wood, 18 feet high
Sidilia detail, Kennedy Family Crest
Sidilia detail, Funston Family Crest
Panels, figures, and a landing dove for the C.L. Nazarian baptismal font, House of Hope Church, St. Paul, MN, 12 feet high, oak wood, limestone base.
Photo: Dana Kirkegaard
Screen, a moveable screen for the organ console, oak wood,
Downtown United Presbyterian, Rochester, NY
Well House Door, cranes and waves, red oak wood, 7 feet high
Koi, Water Lilies ,Willow, and Dragonfly, walnut wood cabinet, Robert Cornet, builder, 6 feet high